Star Map Posters

Order a star map poster that is uniquely and personally tailored to you. Our custom star map posters show the position of your favorite stars in the sky at any given time, date and place you choose. They are truly a wonderful way to keep memories of your special day or event alive. To commemorate your most memorable occasion, easily select your favorite design, color, location and unique message. You can cherish those special moments with your loved ones for the rest of your life by creating a custom star map poster made with lots of love and a dash of Finnish magic. A star map poster will make a beautiful addition to your home decor and a thoughtful gift for loved ones. Pick your favorite spots in the cosmos to have us turn them into a unique, personalized piece of wall art for you or someone special.

We create gorgeous star map posters that are personalized with a custom message, a date and any place or event in the world that means the world to you. One of the most common uses of a poster like this is to show how the stars looked at night when you were born, on your birthday, the day you met, or even on your wedding anniversary. Our star map posters are available in a wide range of beautiful colors and can be hung on the wall at home and given as a wonderful anniversary or birthday gift full of memories or on any other special occasion. A star map isn't just a lovely addition to your home decor, it is also a great way to capture mementos and return to those magical moments you look back on with nostalgia. With a personalized star map poster, we can help you create lasting memories that bring to life the most important days of your life.

Make an exciting gift out of a personalized star map poster! With a custom star map, you can truly capture a moment in time. Choose the date and place of your map, and we will create a beautiful personalized art print that shows exactly how the stars looked on your special day. Our custom star map posters are made of high-quality materials with special attention to details, so they look beautiful even after being framed. A star map poster makes such an original gift for a friend, family member, or any other loved one and can literally mean the world to him or her. Just let us know the location and the date of your celebration, and we will create a custom star map to capture the moment in a unique way. Finally, write your own personal message on the star map poster and order a magical piece of space made custom to you with love.